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Our comprehensive Dog Training Plans are designed to equip you and your beloved canine companion with the essential skills and knowledge to build a strong foundation of obedience and cooperation. With a step-by-step approach and positive reinforcement techniques, this training plan will empower you to communicate effectively with your dog, foster a harmonious bond, and establish a well-behaved and confident canine companion.


Phase 1: Establishing Trust and Foundation

In this initial phase, we focus on building a strong relationship based on trust and respect. We will introduce your dog to basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and lie down. Emphasis will be placed on positive reinforcement techniques, rewarding desired behaviors, and gentle redirection for undesired behaviors. By establishing clear communication channels, we lay the groundwork for a successful training journey.


Phase 2: Polishing Basic Commands

Once your dog has grasped the fundamental commands, we will move on to refining their execution and improving their consistency. Through repetition, positive reinforcement, and gradual increases in distractions, we ensure that your dog responds reliably to commands in various environments and situations. This phase will solidify your dog's understanding of basic obedience and their ability to perform commands promptly and willingly.


Phase 3: Leash Training and Loose Leash Walking

Walking your dog should be an enjoyable experience for both of you. In this phase, we will focus on teaching your dog to walk calmly on a leash without pulling. Using positive reinforcement methods, we will guide your dog to develop loose leash walking skills, creating a pleasant and controlled walking experience.


Phase 4: Impulse Control and Distraction Training

Dogs often encounter tempting distractions in their environment. This phase will help your dog develop impulse control, enabling them to resist distractions and maintain focus on commands. We will introduce controlled distractions and gradually increase their difficulty level, ensuring that your dog remains attentive and responsive to your cues even in the face of enticing stimuli.


Phase 5: Generalization and Real-World Application

In the final phase, we will work on generalizing your dog's obedience skills to different environments, contexts, and scenarios. By practicing commands in various locations, around different people, and amidst distractions, your dog will become adept at applying their training to real-world situations. This phase will enhance their adaptability, making them a well-behaved companion wherever you go.


Throughout the training plan, we prioritize positive reinforcement techniques, focusing on rewarding desired behaviors and fostering a strong bond built on trust and mutual understanding. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain and reinforce your dog's obedience skills long after the training program ends.


With our training plans, you and your furry friend will embark on a transformative journey, paving the way for a harmonious and joyful life together. Get ready to witness the remarkable progress and unleash the full potential of your dog's obedience capabilities!

Choose your pricing plan

  • Private Lesson

    • (1) 60 minute on One Training with Harley and Sergio
    • Marker Training
    • Sit / Marker Continuation
    • Down / Marker Continuation
    • Climb / Spin / Center
    • Correction Marker
    • *these are the building blocks to all other skills
  • Pawfect Foundations

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • (6) 1 - hour One on One Training with Harley and Sergio
    • Imprinting
    • Socialization
    • Service Dog introduction
    • Vet Familiarity
    • Sit / Marker Continuation
    • Down / Marker Continuation
    • Heeling / loose leash walking
    • Come When Called
    • Marker Training
  • Obedience Pro

    Valid for one year
    • AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

      Valid for 3 months
      • Socialize
      • Train
      • Nurture
      • AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluation
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