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As a Dog Training team we enhance human/canine relationships and help dogs to understand the expectations of their handler. Through training your canine, you'll discover the dramatic difference of owning a well trained obedient dog. A trained dog listens and knows how to navigate our world in ways that other dogs don't.  By teaching the right communication channels, and the concept of turning off pressure—which reduces the dog’s stress-levels during the training and enhances the dog’s learning capabilities. This methodology ensures that a dog obtains superior skills in navigating our world; which also makes a dog’s bad behaviors become a thing of the past.



Is Sergio's Service Dog who was trained by Master Dog Trainer Nate Schoemer.  Harley loves going out for drives, run/walks, and playing with other dogs.



Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Sergio and Harley were first brought together by Nate Schoemer and Cammies and Canines.  Nate a Master Dog Trainer knew that Sergio needed a service animal, so he worked diligently to not only get a service dog for Sergio, but he actually trained her himself.  During the handler training program, Nate mentioned to Sergio that he seemed to be picking things up quickly and had the potential to be a good Dog Trainer.  This stuck with Sergio and was the deciding factor to take on the adventure of becoming a Dog Trainer.  Now thanks to all of Nate's efforts, Sergio and Harley will begin their journey as they work to develop the skills necessary to train service dogs and help change the world.



Is Sergio's Service Dog in training who is being trained to assist Harley in her duties.  He loves biting, wrestling, and grabbing shoes before he runs outside to play.


Corpus Christi, TX


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