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ing des0nokh, you can still use them, how? blackshirt: how? I'm talking about graphics drivers OK, got it working stodge, do tell Reinstallation of libgl1-mesa-glx Reinstallation of libglapi-mesa Reinstallation of xserver-xorg-core Reinstallation of xserver-xorg-core-lts-raring Reinstallation of xserver-xorg-lts-raring stodge: Please don't flood; use to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation. des0nokh, what driver of graphics? blackshirt: I'd like to use AMD hardware acceleration with my open source drivers but the mesa-utils doesn't support xserver 1.14.0 which makes radeon-utils force me to use xserver 1.12.6 Hello des0nokh, most of them don't support open source driver, you need use proprietary How do I get my ATI Radeon HD 5700 video card to work in ubuntu 13.10? blackshirt: but the radeon driver used to work in 13.04. maybe I should just use the fglrx driver? I have fglrxinfo installed but it doesn't show anything but that generic Mesa des0nokh, you can use radeon ati driver too hmm, it's not clear to me which is better - the proprietary ATI fglrx driver or the open source radeon driver How would I install the latest version of eCryptfs on a Ubuntu 12.04LTS server. 13.10 doesn't seem to support it. I don't see an option for the Ubuntu One application. des0nokh, i would suggest you to try it, to confirm you if




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Download Xforce Keygen AutoCAD OEM 2013 32 Bit Patch

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